Why Jesus cannot stop Satan from tempting some faithful Christians

By Makko Musagara

Why doesn’t Jesus stop Satan from tempting all faithful Christians? This is the question many believers ask. Why do some faithful believers fall into sin or face trials when Jesus is there watching? Why can’t Jesus stop the devil from tempting God’s servants who have brought so many souls into God’s Kingdom?

Do you realize that after Jesus had warned his disciples in Luke 22:31-32, he did not bar Satan from tempting Simon Peter? Simon was tempted and he denied the name of Jesus not only once but three times! The answer to all these questions is simple. It is God our Father who either grants or denies Satan permission to tempt believers. When God the Father permits, Jesus cannot disallow. Jesus said that:

“I and my Father are one”

When God the Father allows a temptation to take place, Jesus has allowed also.

Everywhere he went, Jesus exalted the Father. He talked of his Father’s house, his Father’s glory, and his Father’s Kingdom. God the Father and Jesus Christ act in unison. However, in everything Jesus proclaimed that the Father was always greater (John 14:28).

When the Father permitted Satan to tempt Simon Peter, Jesus could not make a contradictory action to stop the Devil. Jesus could have used his powers to block the devil, but the best he did was to pray. This continues today. When Jesus was instructing his disciples about prayer he instructed them to direct their prayers to our Father in heaven because he is the source of all authorization in the heavens and on earth. Currently Jesus himself is seated on the right hand of our Father continually interceding for us.


Why does our Father tolerate Satan?

Our God is a God of plans; everything that happened in the past, whatever is happening now, and all what will happen in future is according to God’s plans, made before the earth was created. In the same way God has plans for the devil. But I am afraid this plan is not good. This plan will be fulfilled when God’s appointed time comes in the End Time. To know this plan open the book of Revelation 20:10:

And the devil who deceived them was thrown into the lake of burning Sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented

day and night for ever and ever.