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 Message from God to protect children from temptation and hardship



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This space is dedicated in honor of our Heavenly Father,

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, And the Person of the Holy Spirit, Who have allowed me all to obtain this vision, to interpret it and to write this message.












The summary of this message

In this vision, the Lord shows us both from the Old and New Testaments that Satan continually comes into the presence of God to accuse Christians and ask our Father’s permission to tempt us. This message clearly shows that God does not tempt anyone but, as He did for Jesus, He can lead a Christian to the devil to be tempted. When Christians do not ask as far as possible the way he recommends in this message, our Father has no choice but to grant the devil permission to tempt us. Christians can prevent temptations and trials in their lives by specifically asking the Father as he recommends in this message. I believe that if Job had known the facts in this message, and if he had put into practice what Jesus tells us to do in the last chapter, he would not have gone through all the trials he had to face. This message is made up of only seven scriptures specially provided by the Lord through this vision. Other scriptures are just for illustration.



Some information about this message

Most of the content of this message is a revelation by the Person of the Holy Spirit to expose the little-known heavenly activities of Satan and to show how the children of God can protect themselves from his evil works. The massage is based on seven scriptures provided by the Lord through a vision.


Strengthening of souls in all nations

The purpose of this ministry is to ensure that after earthly life, and that through Jesus Christ, all men, women and children of this world, are in heaven where our loving Father has prepared the most beautiful places for our luxurious eternal life.



Loving father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. As you read this message, I pray that you will fill me with the Holy Spirit to allow me to have a detailed understanding of this vision. Cover me with the blood of Jesus and help me lead a holy life. I pray to the name you put above all other names, that of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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The scripture quotes in this message are from seven versions of the Holy Bible cited as follows:


The Sower’s Bible(BDS)

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New Geneva Edition – NEG1979(NEG1979)

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Cover: Now, one day, the angels of God [at]went to the counsel of the Lord. The Accuser (Satan) [b]also came among them.Job 1: 6


My divine call to serve God
How the Lord sent this Message.
Chapter 1 – What Jesus saw in Heaven.
Chapter 2 – Satan goes into God’s presence.
Chapter 3 – God converses with Satan.
Chapter 4 – The Accuser of God’s faithful.
Chapter 5 – God led Jesus to the Devil.
Chapter 6 – When God permits the Devil.
Chapter 7 – The weapon Jesus has given us.