Activate God’s angels now.

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Activate God's angels now.

Activate God’s angels now.


By  Makko Musagara


Activate God’s angels now.

Most spiritual things need activation by an interested person. For example, God tells us to call upon Him and He will answer. Jesus Christ wants someone to call upon His name and receive Him in our hearts to receive Salvation. You can also activate the Holy Spirit by inviting his presence.

In the same way, there are some things someone can do to activate God’s Angels. Below I give 7 Ways of activating God’s Angels.

1. Calling upon the Name of our God the Father.

He will answer by sending you His Angels to help you.


2. Calling upon the Name of Jesus Christ.

It is written that Romans 10:13:

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” 

The name of Jesus Christ is so powerful that when you shout out that name, heaven responds. God reacts by commanding his warrior and messenger angels to come and minister to you. When you call upon the name of Jesus, Satan and all demons respond by trembling first, then falling down, and finally fleeing the scene..

3. Applying the written Word of God in your situation.

The Word of God activates God’s Angels. The moment you start saying: “It is written….”, I assure you that the Devil and all demons will tremble, even before you quote the Scriptures. Start quoting Scriptures and applying them into your situations. God will send His angels to help you. When the Devil tempted Jesus, he started quoting Scriptures and Satan fled. Then God’s angels came and ministered to Jesus.

4. Worshiping and Praising God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

5. Fasting.

6.  Performing an act of faith.

A very good example is when you are afraid of walking along a dark stretch of road at night. The moment you drop your fears, and lift up your faith by deciding to continue walking, God will have no option by deploying His angels to guard you until you reach your destination.

7.  Giving to God.

Giving to God activates God’s angels first, to chase away demons that have been stealing your finances; and secondly, to ensure that financial blessings flow into your hands.



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