Satan fights your prayers

Satan fights prayer   By  Makko Musagara   Dear reader, when Satan realizes that your prayers are affecting his kingdom, he will do anything to extinguish your zeal. This post tells you how Satan fights your prayer efforts. Attacking your … Continued

Lords Prayer 33 benefits

Lords Prayer 33 benefits   By  Makko Musagara   The Lord’s Prayer may look simple but it has 33 benefits as shown below. Our Father who art in heaven, You acknowledge God that He is your Father You link up … Continued

7 benefits of repentance

7 benefits of repentance   By Makko Musagara   7 benefits of repentance Repentance is a positive spirit prompted by our Father in Heaven. Below I give 7 benefits of repentance.   1. Repentance will bring you closer to our … Continued

How to Overcome demonic and witchcraft attacks

By Makko Musagara How to overcome demonic and witchcraft attacks   Present yourself into Gods presence. “Father, I come into your presence in the Name of Jesus” Call upon the Name of Jesus. “Lord Jesus, I call upon your Name, … Continued