God’s message to all those who are falsely accused.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, heaven is watching all the false accusations brought against the true servants of God. This article contains God’s message to all those who are falsely accused. Do not fear. The … Continued

Thank God, when you are insulted

    Makko Musagara       Dear reader, Jesus Christ is advising you never to retaliate when you are being insulted. In this article I show you why you should instead thank God, when you are insulted. Jesus endured … Continued

Gossip and slander invite demons and curses

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. Satan is always on standby with his bag full of curses and demons to see if there is any Christian who … Continued

Your bad deeds will come back to haunt you.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, let’s start with this true story. One day in the town where I grew up, I was about 14 years old and attended an elders meeting where a young man … Continued