How Satan curses food to be eaten by Christians

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, I wish God could open your eyes to see everything that is happening in the supernatural world. If the Lord would open your spiritual eyes, you would see how most … Continued

Storms of life resulting from being in the wrong place.

          Makko Musagara         Dear reader, many Christians pray, tithe, fast, attend church, and contribute much to the expansion of God’s Kingdom, but Heavenly Father cannot answer their prayers for one simple reason. … Continued

New Book Release by Makko Musagara

  New Book Release by Makko Musagara.   Makko Musagara Holy Fire Publishing  USA , 5 Sep 2020 – Religion – 68 pages   Résumé La première partie de ce livre vous explique comment Dieu a miraculeusement appelé frère Makko Musagara au ministère. Les chapitres … Continued