Greeting someone opens God’s blessings

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, if you are a Christian, you must make a habit of greeting people, because greeting someone opens God’s blessings. Our Heavenly Father always greets us.     To begin, if … Continued

6 curses for God’s ministers who sell prayers

      Makko Musagara     This article is to warn all ministers serving in God’s Kingdom. Hell is waiting for any minister of God demanding money for providing services using their freely God-given gifts. This article shows the … Continued

12 blessings Christian parents and guardians must declare

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, God has so many blessings stored in heaven for children on Earth. All that our Father in Heaven is waiting for is the parents or guardians to verbally declare blessings … Continued

Is your name John?

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, if your first name is John, then there is a lot of work for you to do in God’s Kingdom. God gave you that name because it has a lot … Continued

Your bad deeds will come back to haunt you.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, let’s start with this true story. One day in the town where I grew up, I was about 14 years old and attended an elders meeting where a young man … Continued