This sign shows that God is looking for you.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, as we get closer to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father is looking for specific people to expand his kingdom on planet earth. This sign that … Continued

Prayer gives you a radiant face

    Makko Musagara     Dear reader, I don’t know if you have realized this. The face of a person who prays a lot  is different from that of a Christian who does not pray. As a matter of … Continued

Do this to protect your name from demonic manipulation.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, the Lord assigned me to start this website to enable Christians get to know many secrets of the spiritual realm. The first message God gave me in a supernatural vision … Continued

How to send fire into Satan’s camps

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it is true. Our Lord has given you the authority, and power to send volleys of fire into camps of Satan and demons. The … Continued