The weapon to stop Satan is actually found in Luke 11:4

      Makko Musagara       The Lord commissioned me to tell all Christians that the Lord’s Prayer is very powerful. More powerful than most Christians and churches believe. The real reason is that the weapon to stop … Continued

Every challenge in your life is an exam supervised by God.

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, you may be going through a very difficult time right now. This article shows you that every challenge in your life is an examination supervised by God. Abraham took a … Continued

You have to go through great trials if you want to serve God.

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These words can stop Satan and demons

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, I am about to tell you what the Lord showed me in a supernatural vision. To understand what the Lord told me, you must know some truths. Satan must first … Continued

How to counter Satan’s accusations

How to counter Satan’s accusations   By  Makko Musagara   How to counter Satan’s accusations. According to the written Word of God, Satan accuses you day and night before God in Heaven with the aim of getting our Father’s permission … Continued