What the Lord told me about “Lead us not into temptation”

      Makko Musagara       Dear reader, some Christians are confused by the written word of God saying “Lead us not into temptation” (see Luke 11:4). In this article I am going to tell you what the … Continued

God has much trust in you.

  God has much trust in you.   By   Makko Musagara   God has much trust in you. Dear reader, there is one secret about God that I want you to know. Our Father in Heaven has a lot of … Continued

Satan’s greatest weakness

        Makko Musagara         Dear reader, you cannot overcome your enemy if you do not know his weakness. Samson always defeated his enemies until they got to know his weakness. They used this weak link … Continued

How to counter Satan’s accusations

How to counter Satan’s accusations   By  Makko Musagara   How to counter Satan’s accusations. According to the written Word of God, Satan accuses you day and night before God in Heaven with the aim of getting our Father’s permission … Continued

How Satan gets God’s permission to tempt Christians.

      Makko Musagara       Satan cannot tempt or put a Christian under trials without God’s permission, for it is written:    Are not two little sparrows sold for a [a]copper coin? And yet not one of them … Continued