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Short prayer to activate Gods angels

By Makko Musagara

Dear reader, in one of my posts (The amazing power of binding and casting away in Jesus Name) I informed you what I witnessed in the spirit world when I invoked the power of binding and casting away. Now I can confirm that this prayer I am going to give you can actually activate God’s warrior Angels.

God’s angels will fight demons.

When you pray this short prayer I am going to give you the following will happen in the heavens:

  1. God’s warrior angels will immediately be deployed to places where demons have been hindering your progress.
  2. God’s warrior angels will start making swift movements.
  3. God’s warrior angels will draw their sharp swords.
  4. God’s warrior angels will start fighting demons that have been hindering you or your family’s progress.
  5. The archangels will get hold of heavenly chains. They will bind the demons who have been against you and they will cast them away.
  6. As you continue praying, God’s angels will win the war on your behalf.

Here is the prayer to activate the warrior angels:

Start with the Lord’s Prayer because in it you will seek God’s help, you will seek God’s forgiveness of your sins, you will forgive others, and in that prayer God will deny Satan permission to put you under trials.

Then pray as follows:

Father in heaven, I come to you in Jesus’s Name. I cover this prayer with the Blood of Jesus and holy fire. It is written that whatever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. In Jesus’s Name I come against and bind all powers, principalities, rulers and authorities of darkness who have been set up against me and my family. I bind them in Jesus’s name and I cast them away into the bottomless pit. In Jesus’s Name I pray. Amen.”

That prayer will be like lighting a match stick that sets fire on the camp of your enemies.

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