10 pains of not knowing your biological father

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Alt=10 pains of not knowing your biological father
10 pains of not knowing your biological father.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, the complex nature of relationships, and the new reproductive methods in the world today have created many innocent persons who do not know their biological fathers.

In this article I present to you 10 pains of not knowing your biological father, with particular reference to Moses who grew up knowing he was an Egyptian, when he was actually not.

The pain of your mother not telling you.

Pharaoh’s daughter kept on telling Moses that he was an Egyptian, when actually Moses was not. Moses got to know the truth later after he had grown up (Exodus 2:10).

When he got to know the truth, Moses felt a lot of pain because the woman he called his mother kept everything secret.

The pain of looking different.

Moses kept on wondering why his skin color and facial features looked so different from the other children in Pharaoh’s palace. Sometimes this created pain in his heart.

The pain of lack of identity.

At first Moses did not know his true identity and this created pain in his heart. He discovered his real identity only after he had grown up.

The pain of negative comments from people.

Sometimes Moses heard negative comments from one or more persons in Pharaoh’s palace insinuating that he is not part of the Pharaoh’s family. This hurt Moses a lot.

The pain of being without a biological father.

As Moses continued growing, and as he occasionally heard some negative comments about his appearances, he felt the pain of being without a biological father.

The pain of incest.

If a person does not know the biological father, that person may end up having sexual relationships with unknown real sisters or brothers.

The pain of aggressive behavior.

Sometimes a person may develop aggressive behavior because of not  knowing the biological father. This is exactly what happened to Moses and he ended up killing an Egyptian.

This type of behavior leads to some grown up persons to put their mothers at gunpoint, demanding to know the biological father.

The pain of searching for the biological father.

Some persons will go to great lengths wanting to know their biological father. This search may be painful, may involve huge expenses and a lot of travel (see Exodus 2:11).

Demonic attacks.

In some situations, not knowing the biological father may open doors for Satan and demons to attack you. You will need a lot of prayers for deliverance.

The pain of being rejected by the biological father.

Some biological fathers reject their biological sons or daughters until a DNA test is done. This rejection causes a lot of pain.

Put your trust in God.

No person on earth can take away the sorrows of your missing daddy. The only person who can take away all these sorrows is our Father in Heaven, through his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Moses put all his trust in God.

Moses forgot everything about his missing biological father and he put all his trust in God.

This is what the Bible says:


And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians,

 the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him

and in Moses his servant.


Exodus 14:31




10 pains of not knowing your biological father.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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