10 questions that bother Christians most

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Alt=10 questions that bother Christians most
10 questions that bother Christians most.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, I have seen some Christians who loose their faith in God, and descend into Hell, because of one or more of the questions listed below. From my own experience, these are the 10 questions that bother Christians most.

Why doesn’t  God answer my prayers?

Continue praying. God will be faithful to all the promises he has made to you (Joshua 23:14).

If God loves me, why am I poor?

God’s love is not reflected in abundance. God’s love for you is reflected in Jesus Christ. If you have Jesus Christ within your heart, then you are one of the richest persons on Earth.

Worldly riches may pass away, but Jesus Christ gives you eternal life. Satan gave Jesus Christ a lot of worldly riches but Jesus rejected them (Mathew 4:9-10).

If God loves me, why I am I sick?

Sickness is not brought by God. Sickness belongs to the Devil. Jesus always drove sickness out of the afflicted persons (Mathew 14:14).

Why am I facing a lot of challenges in my life?

God uses most challenges to train you for a higher calling. The boy David faced so many challenges in life, including Goliath. He was not aware that God was preparing him to be a king.

Why has everyone forsaken me?

All people can forsake you, but God will never forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

Why am I still single?

Sometimes God’s promises take time. It is better to allow God get you the right partner, than rushing into marriage that will break up within short time.

Why don’t I have a child?

Christians who patiently wait upon God have seen many miracles in their lives. Abraham and Sarah waited many years until they got the child God promised them (Genesis 21:1-2).

Why has God allowed this misfortune in my life?

Our Father always wants to do good things in your life. Satan and demons always want to frustrate you so that you hate God. If you grasp this fact, then you should always thank God for whatever happens.

Why doesn’t God take me to Heaven? I am tired of this life on Earth.

You still have a lot of work God prepared for you to do on Earth.

Why are other people happy, and I am not?

Look upon God, who is a rewarder of all those who seek him. When you divert your eyes from God, and you focus on other people, you will end up a failing. It is better to go to a house of sorrows, than going to a house of merry-making (Ecclesiastes 7:2).



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