10 ways demons can attack you as you sleep

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Alt=10 ways demons can attack you as you sleep
10 ways demons can attack you as you sleep.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, before I can tell you the 10 ways demons can attack you as you sleep, I would like to tell you something about the sleeping state.

Why Satan and demons find it easier to attack you during your sleep.

When you are not sleeping, both your body and spirit are very strong. Demons may find a hard time attacking you in your woken up state.

When you are sleeping, both your body and spirit are very weak. This is the main reason the Devil and demons find it easier attacking you during your sleep state.

This is also one of the reasons why Satanists, witches, and occultists operate mainly at night when most people are sleeping.

In this article I show you 10 ways Satan and demons attack you as you sleep.

Stealing your blessings.

As you sleep, demons can attack you to steal your blessings.

Making you poor.

As you sleep, Satan and demons can attack you with the aim of making you a poor person.

Making you sick.

Dear reader, have you not seen persons who go to sleep when they are very healthy, and they wake up in the morning very sick?

This is the work of demons attacking such individuals as they sleep.

Having sex with you.

There are some demons that wait for you to sleep and have sex with you during your sleep.

Cursing you.

Most cursing by Satan and demons is done when their victims are sleeping.

Demoting you.

Have you ever dreamt  climbing down a ladder, instead of  moving up a ladder? Most likely Satan and demons were fighting so that you are demoted in the physical world.

Initiating you into Satan’s kingdom.

Many persons are unknowingly initiated into Satan‘s kingdom as they sleep at night. If you dream eating suspicious food, wake up immediately and pray.

You may have been initiated into the Devil’s kingdom.

Punishing you.

Your enemy can use demonic powers to punish you during your sleep. I have ever heard of someone who  dreamt being severely beaten in a dream.

This person woke up in the morning very weak.

Doing manual labor as you sleep.

Dear reader, you may find it difficult to believe this, but it is true. There are some countries where a Satanist or a witch can capture your spirit as you sleep.

After this spiritual kidnap, they take your spirit to a place where you spend the whole night doing manual labor. You wake up a very tired person.

Depriving you of sleep and peace.

Some demons attack their victims for the sole purpose of depriving them sleep and peace.

Here is how you can counterattack.

Only our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit can protect you from such attacks. This is why it is very important to pray before you go to bed.

Also, learn to wake up and pray at midnight, and at 2:30 am. These are very important hours in spiritual warfare. When you pray at these hours, God will send his fighting angels to repulse all demons attacking you.




10 ways demons can attack you as you sleep.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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