10 ways of seeking God

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Alt=10 ways of seeking God
10 ways of seeking God.




Makko Musagara




Seeking God is when you try your best to establish a relationship with Him. Below I give 10 ways of seeking God.

  1. Reading God’s written Word.

When you read the Bible you will get the following:

a. You will gain wisdom.

b. You will get hope.

c. You will be strengthened by God’s promises.

d. The Bible will strengthen your faith in God.

e. You will enjoy a better relationship with God.

2. Praying.

a) Regular prayer will help you develop a relationship with God.

b) Regular prayer will Satan away.

c) Prayer will bring solutions to your problems.

d) Prayer will give you direction and God’s guidance.

e) Prayer will keep sin away from you.


3. Attending Church.

a. Attending Church connects you to God. You may get some answers to your problems by attending Church.

b. Connects you to other Christians.

c. Gives you an opportunity to give tithes and offerings.

d. You will participate in mass praising and worshiping God.

e. God’s ministers will pray for you.

4. Fasting

a) God will give solutions or answers through fasting.

b) You will get spiritual power.

c. Satan and demons will flee from you.

d. You will be spiritually renewed.

e. You will get God’s direction.


5. Praise and Worship.


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a. Praise and Worship will bring God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit on the scene.

b. Praise and Worship will drive Satan and demons away.

c. Praise and Worship will give spiritual renewal.

d. Praise and Worship will strengthen you.

e. You will get the joy of the Lord.


5. Watching Christian Television and videos.

You will bring the atmosphere of God within your room. Your faith in God will be uplifted by some of the shows.

Shows like It’s Supernatural by Sid Roth are very good to lift ones faith in God.


6. Listening to Christian Radio.

You will bring the atmosphere of God at your location.


7. Attending Christian Conferences and workshops.


8. Attending revival meetings.


9. Seeking prayer from God’s ministers.


10. Reading written materials about God.

Personally  my faith in God is always uplifted whenever I read powerful testimonies of what God has done for others.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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