10 ways to bless your parents

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10 ways to bless your parents


By: Makko Musagara


10 ways to bless your parents

It is written in the Scriptures that:

Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” Ephesians 6:2-3.  

Below I give 10 ways to bless your parents.

1. Contributing to their feeding.

2. Buying them clothing and bedding.

3. Contributing to their electricity and fuel needs.

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4. Contributing to their domestic water needs.

5. Contributing to their housing needs.

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6. Contributing to their medical bills.

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7. Contributing to their security needs.

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8. Inviting God’s ministers to fellowship and pray with them.

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9. Visiting them regularly.

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Below is a check-list when visiting your aging parents:

Physical and mental health

  • Have they lost weight or do they seem more frail?
  • Do they have trouble having normal conversations?
  • Do you notice any strange new behaviors like repeating stories or being unusually confused about simple things?
  • Are they squinting or tripping over things much more than usual?

Getting around

  • Are their driving skills the same as before? Do you feel safe when they drive you around?
  • Are there any unexplained dents or scratches on the car?
  • Have you heard about any traffic tickets?

Social life

  • Do they still do the activities they used to enjoy?
  • Are they reluctant to leave the house?
  • Are they keeping up with their usual friends and community organizations?

The house

  • Is the house messier or dirtier than normal?
  • Is there a lot of unopened mail? Are unpaid bills lying around?
  • Are there broken household items like clogged drains, burned out light bulbs, or broken appliances?

The kitchen

  • Is the refrigerator stocked with fresh foods they normally eat?
  • Is there moldy or expired food around?
  • Are there burned pots and pans or burn marks on the floors or counters?


  • Are there any new medications, vitamins, or supplements you haven’t seen before?
  • Is their medication organized so it’s easy to take the correct dose at the correct time?
  • Are expired medications mixed up with current ones?

10. Bless your parents with cash.



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