12 ways God can protect you from an attacker

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12 ways God can protect you from an attacker
12 ways God can protect you from an attacker.



By  Makko Musagara


12 ways God can protect you from an attacker.

Dear reader, our Father in Heaven is always protecting his people, though many may not know it. In this article I present to you 12 ways God can protect you from an attacker.

God waking you up suddenly.

During your sleep, God can see an attacker approaching your residence. God will command his angels to wake you up abruptly. I remember many years ago robbers had invaded my house. God suddenly woke up my neighbor who switched on all security lights because he wanted to do something in his living room. These attackers fled within seconds.

Making God’s angels visible.

God can open the eyes of an attacker to see the angels guarding you. God will make these angels look like armed policemen or soldiers guarding you. This has ever happened to me. The attacker fled with his pistol.

Jamming the gun.

If the attacker has a gun, God can jam that gun.

Paralyzing the attacker.

God can paralyze the attacker so that he is not able to do anything. I remember one time an attacker raised a big stick to hit me on my head. Strangely, the man could not bring his hands down. His hands remained raised in the air until he fled.

Causing security or police patrol to come.

God can cause security or Police patrol to come near your location.

Hearing scaring sounds.

God can make the attacker hear scaring sounds (for example Police car sirens) coming in your direction. You will be surprised to see your attacker flee. Such sounds happened in 2 Kings 7:6-7

Making you invisible

God can make you invisible to the attackers. They will search for you, when actually you are sitting in your sofa.

Blinding the attacker.

God can blind the attackers. This happened in 2 Kings 6:18

Changing the mind of the attacker.

God can change the minds of your attackers. One time I heard my attackers saying: “Let us leave him. He is innocent“. They never bothered me again.

Making the attackers fight each other.

God can make your attackers fight each other. When they do this, they will be forced to retreat.

Locking doors.

Just before the attackers come, the Holy Spirit may prompt you to lock all your doors and windows. If you obey, you will save your life and property.

Urgently leaving your location.

The Holy Spirit can prompt you to leave your location immediately. Your attacker will come when you have just left.





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