13 curses for appearing nude before your own child

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Alt=13 curses for appearing nude before your own child
13 curses for appearing nude before your own child




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, some parents in this world are unknowingly cursing their own children. These parents curse their own sons or daughters by appearing before them completely nude. In this article I give you 13 curses of appearing nude before your own child.

How the Devil administers curses.

A curse is a living demonic spirit. Satan is the source of all curses in this world. The Devil operates by looking for any doorway, on a target individual, through which he can send curses in that person’s life. One of these doorways is any parent who appears nude before their own son or daughter.

Age does not matter.

The Devil does not mind whether the child is a baby or a grown up person. What matters to Satan is the parent appearing nude before their own offspring.

The most common mistake made by mothers.

The most common mistake mothers make is to bathe their babies when the mother is completely naked. Such mothers are not aware that by doing so, they are passing on so many curses to their babies.

Some cultures use nudity as a weapon.

Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. There are some cultures, especially in the developing world, where an angry parent can deliberately curse their own son or daughter by completely stripping nude.

The 13 curses.

Here are the 13 curses the Devil sends when you appear nude before your son or daughter.

  1. God’s blessings may vanish from that child.
  2. That child may live a cursed life.
  3. That child may never live long in this world. Death will always be following that child.
  4. That son or daughter will grow up with financial difficulties.
  5. That son or daughter will always live with sickness.
  6. If it is a daughter who saw a nude parent, that daughter may get many gynaecology complications in future.
  7. Your son or daughter may get very difficult marriages.
  8. God’s favor may vanish from your son or daughter.
  9. Your son or daughter who saw you naked may always be among the last persons, instead of always being among the first.
  10. That child who saw you naked may never excel in life.
  11. Your son or daughter who saw you naked may get so many questions when they grow up. They will keep on wondering why many bad things are happening to them.
  12. The face of your beautiful son or daughter who saw you naked may appear very ugly in the spiritual realm. Your child will wonder why she is rejected everywhere she goes.
  13. Your son or daughter who saw you nude may end up going to Hell, instead of going to Heaven.

In one of my coming articles, I will show you how Jesus Christ can deliver you from curses, if you ever looked at your nude mom or nude dad.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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