13 strange demonic manipulations against Christians

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Alt=13 strange demonic manipulations against Christians
13 strange demonic manipulations against Christians.



Makko Musagara




Dear reader, Satan and demons  do not want any Christian to live a happy life. The Devil is always doing things to frustrate happy Christians. It is for this reason that you have to be serious in your walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. In this article I give you 13 strange demonic manipulations against Christians. Living a life of prayer will prevent most of these attacks.

Unexplained sickness.

Satan and demons can bring about sickness that cannot be diagnosed by any medical Doctor.

Interfering with surgeries.

Demons can interfere with surgeries. They can cause a surgeon to make a very serious surgical error leading to death. Pray before taking your patient for surgery. When you pray, demons will fail to attack. They will see a very bright divine light around the operation theater.

Stealing the intelligence of bright children.

The Devil can steal the intelligence of a very bright child. Pray for your children always.

Memory loss.

The Devil can cause memory loss. A healthy Christian will start forgetting a lot.

Exchanging medications.

Demons can hide within a pharmacy. When they see a target Christian coming to that pharmacy, they can lead to an exchange of correct medications with wrong medication. This can lead to death.

Stealing your beauty.

Satan can steal your beauty. Demons can put a mask of ugliness upon your face. You start looking older than your age. Apply the Blood of Jesus Christ to your face  everyday to restore your beauty.

Divisions within the family.

Satan does not want any Christian family to live in peace. Demons will do their best to create divisions and conflicts within a happy family.

Thoughts of suicide.

Demons can inject thoughts of suicide in the mind of a Christian. A Christian wakes up in the morning wanting to commit suicide.

Failure to have sexual intercourse.

Demons can cause a married Christian couple to fail having sexual intercourse. This may lead a wife or husband to sleep in a separate bedroom. A wife and husband praying together will restore such a relationship.

Mysterious accidents.

Satan can cause a mysterious accident. Pray before travelling. When you pray, Satan and demons will see a powerful bright light around the vehicle your are using. Demons will flee.

Attacking through rats, cockroaches, and snakes.

The Devil can attack a Christian through rats cockroaches, and snakes. Keep your house clear of these three.

False accusations.

The Devil and demons can cause an innocent Christian to be falsely accused. Prayer by such a Christian will lead our Father in Heaven to show all people that these accusations are false.

Demons in disguise.

A demon can come to you disguised as a person you know. You will interact with this demon thinking you are dealing with the right person.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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