13 things happen when you die without Christ

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Alt=13 things happen when you die without Christ
13 things happen when you die without Christ.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, something will happen to a person who leaves this world without accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. In this article I show you 13 things happen when you die without Christ.

A property of Satan and demons.

When you reject Jesus Christ, you immediately become a property of Satan and demons.

Feeling a dark presence.

Immediately after your soul leaves the dead body, you feel a dark presence coming towards you.

Demons appear.

Suddenly, powerful demons appear and take hold of you with their hands that are shaped like claws. Horror fills your soul as are surrounded by the the stench of death.


Alt=The day 10,000 of God's people were kidnapped in Judea, Israel.


Fighting back.

You are unable to fight back because the demons are stronger than you and now you belong to their master Satan.

No one to help you.

No matter how much you fight or scream, no one will come to help you. Your family and friends cannot see or hear you.

Descending into Hell.

Demons start pulling you down towards Hell and you start feeling great heat together with the screaming of thousands of tortured souls.

Entering Hell.

As you enter Hell, many other fierce demons attack you with hot spears, swords, hammers and other piercing instruments.

Very hot fire.

Very hot fire starts burning your body and it becomes like black charcoal. After your body is burnt, it rebuilds again and the burning starts again. This continues for ever and ever.


You immediately begin to feel a lot of thirst, but there is not even a single drop of water in Hell (see Luke 16:24).


Sulfuric acid.

If you continue asking for water, a demon will give you a glass of hot concentrated sulfuric acid which will melt your body. After melting in acid, your body forms again and demons continue torturing you.

Tortured for ever.

After entering Hell, you will never know peace and rest again. You will be continuously tortured by demons for ever and ever.

God’s Day of Judgement.

You will appear before God’s great white throne on the Day of Judgment where you will be condemned to lake of burning sulfur (Revelation 20:11-15). This will be your second death.



13 things happen when you die without Christ.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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