14 ways God wakes you up

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14 ways God wakes me up.
14 ways God wakes you up



By  Makko Musagara


14 ways God wakes you up.

Dear reader, I was in my third year of my salvation and walk with Jesus Christ when God called me into ministry (Read: How God appeared to me in a vision). The assignment God gave was in direct confrontation with his arch enemy Satan.  Because I was an immature Christian, there were many things I did not know.

One of the things I was not used to was waking up for prayer. God knew my weakness and he started waking me up for prayer through supernatural ways. In this article I show you 14 ways God wakes me up for prayer.

He sent an Angel.

After one busy day I went into a deep sleep. I woke up at precisely 12:00 midnight. I knew God had woken me up for prayer but my flesh was so weak. For this reason, I went back to sleep. I had barely slept for ten minutes when I felt someone removing the blanket and bed sheet from my body!

I woke up thinking a thief had entered my bedroom. It was God’s Angel who had done this and he had already gone. I knew this was something divine, so I went into aggressive prayer.

A house member waking up.

At the precise hour of my prayer time, I may be woken up by the movement of a family member who has also woken up in their rooms.

My wife’s movement.

Sometimes God makes my sleeping wife involuntarily make a movement that wakes me up.

Phone call.

At the precise hour of my prayer time someone rings me. Strange enough, most of these calls are from someone calling a wrong number!

SMS sound.

At the precise hour of my prayer time I may be woken up by the sound of an in-coming SMS on my phone.

Frightening dreams.

Often God uses scary dreams to get me out of bed.


One time I was woken up by a fierce wind that blew sideways curtains in my bedroom.


Several times, at my prayer time, I am woken up by a bird sound from the trees near my house.

Hooting vehicle.

Sometimes, at the precise hour of my prayer time, a vehicle may make a loud hoot near my house.

Chocking effect.

Sometimes, at my precise prayer hour I may feel like coughing, even when I do not have any cough. God wakes me up using this chocking effect.

Abruptly waking up.

Many times at the precise prayer time, God makes me wake up abruptly.

Noise from neighborhood.

Sometimes it is noise from the neighborhood that is made at my prayer hour. For example, someone may knock loudly on the gate of a neighboring house.

Knocking on my bedroom door.

When I delay waking up at my prayer time, God may use one of my children to come and knock my bedroom door for one reason or another.

Thunder noise.

When I delay waking up. Sometimes God uses thunder noise to get me out of bed.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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