20 things that can bring misfortune to a Christian

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Alt=20 things that can bring misfortune to a Christian
20 things that can bring misfortune to a Christian.




Makko Musagara





Dear reader, some Christians find themselves in unfortunate situations and they ask themselves why. In this article I give you 20 things that can bring misfortunes to a Christian person.

A life without prayer.

Life without prayer opens a door for misfortunes to come into your life. Prayer drives away misfortunes.


Moving around with anger can bring you misfortunes and ill health.

Refusing to forgive.

Refusing to forgive someone can cause a lot of misfortunes. Forgive, and you will be a blessed person.

Keeping stolen items.

Get rid of any stolen items.

Keeping anything having to do with witchcraft.

Get rid of anything having to do with the occult or witchcraft.

Offending your parents.

Repent, if you have offended your parents. Start blessing your parents in any way you can find.

Failure to clear your debts.

Misfortunes may come into your life if you borrowed money or an item from a person and you never paid back. The lender’s tears before God will bring you misfortunes.

Sex outside marriage.

Extramarital sex may bring a lot of misfortunes into your life. You may sleep with someone who has a lot of demons. These demons will enter your life as well.

Sex before marriage.

If you are still single, always pray to God for sanctity. Sex before marriage can bring you a lot of misfortunes.

The sins of your parents.

You may suffer with misfortunes because of the sins of your parents. Repent to God on behalf of your parents.

A mistreated wife.

Men who unjustly mistreat their wives will end up with a lot of misfortunes.

Mistreated children.

Tears of mistreated children always reach God. Misfortunes will follow a person who mistreats children.

Negative confessions.

Misfortunes will follow any person who keeps on making negative statements about their lives. For example, demons will torment you if you keep on saying: “I do not think I will make it“. If you want blessings, keep on saying:


I will make it in Jesus’s Name.


Keep worry out of your life.  Always believe that our Father in Heaven will deliver you out of any difficult situation.


Fear belongs to the Devil. Have faith in God.

Refusing to tithe.

When you tithe, you set up a very strong relationship with God. God will fight your battles. You will always be financially blessed.

Refusing God’s assignments.

Many Christians suffer because they fail to understand God‘s calling to serve him. They end up with misfortunes like Jonah.

Unrepentant Christians.

When you sin, and refuse to repent, misfortunes will follow you.

Jealousy and envy.

Misfortunes will vanish if you keep jealousy and envy out of your life.

Offending other persons.

Repent if you have offended another person. Always bless other people instead of offending them.




20 things that can bring misfortune to a Christian.



Prayer that blocks Satan.

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