3 things that annoy God most.

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Alt=3 things that annoy God most.
3 things that annoy God most.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, I have been walking with God for the past thirty years and I have come to know those things that annoy him. In this article I have selected three things that annoy God most.

The nature of God’s temper.

Before I mention the things that annoy God the most, I must tell you that Heavenly Father is a very patient person. You will have to do a lot of provocation to annoy God. For example, you can pour a cup of hot coffee on God’s face and He will smile at you (Psalm 103:8).

You can also throw all kinds of insults at God and he may never be annoyed with you. However, there are three things that provoke God’s wrath the most.

Unlike people, it takes God long to become angry.



Number one:  Rebellion.

Rebellion is the number one act that provokes God’s anger most. For hundreds of years God’s heart had been at peace until Satan rebelled against him in Heaven. The Devil’s rebellion provoked a lot of God’s anger that our Father made an everlasting judgement.

God stopped Satan from serving in Heaven. Secondly God decided that Satan’s final destiny would be Hell. Except if they repent, all those who rebel against God are destined for Hell.

God pleaded with Moses to go to Egypt but Moses was afraid. Moses was almost becoming rebellious and the Lord’s anger burned against Moses (Exodus 4:14).

Our Father in Heaven  instructed Jonah son of Amittai to go and preach in the great city of Nineveh. Jonah became rebellious and he provoked a lot of God’s anger. Jonah tasted the bitter pill of God’s anger. Rebellion against God is so bad that he can violently shake a cruise ship of 5,000 passengers because of  just one rebellious person on that ship (Jonah 1:4-5).

Number two: An unrepentant heart.

A person who is not repentant, especially after many warnings, provokes a lot of God’s anger. This is one of the reasons many people will find themselves in Hell.

Number three: A person who deliberately sins after seeing the light of God.

When a person sees the light of God through the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that person goes ahead to deliberately sin against God; then God’s anger will be greatly provoked against that person.

If that person does not repent, God’s anger will send that person to the hottest part of Hell.



3 things that annoy God most.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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2 Responses

  1. Serah

    My name is serah from Nigeria,I tasted the light of GOD but,later rebelled against him due to worries of not having a child,sickness,money,husbands issues,am back to Jesus but still suffering from hallucination of voices, I have prayed about it but pls I need a guide.thank you.

    • Makko Musagara

      Dear Serah,

      I can understand your situation. Please read my old blogs, because there are many that will help you overcome your current situation.


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