30 things that can take God’s presence from you

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30 things that can take God's presence from you
30 things that can take God’s presence from you.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, when you receive Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life, God’s presence  has to be with you all the time. Unfortunately, God‘s presence disappears from some believers because of many negative things that they do.

Below I give you  30 things that can take God’s presence away from you. Any of the following can open a door that enables the Devil and demons to enter your life.

When demons enter your body, God‘s presence will vanish from you. God’s presence is so precious that I encourage all Christians never to allow the following things come into their lives.

  1. Fear. God does not like a fearful person. Have faith in God knowing that he will help you.
  2. Worry. God does not like a worried person. Have faith in God, instead of keeping on worrying.
  3. Anger. God cannot stay with an angry person.
  4. Bitterness in your heart.
  5. Refusing to forgive someone who has wronged you. God will leave you if you refuse to forgive.
  6. Malicing someone. God does not like Christians who malice others.
  7. Hatred. Hating someone is like murder. God moves away from any person who hates another person.
  8. Lust. Lusting is of the Devil. God will move away when you start lusting for another person.
  9. Telling lies. God hates a person who tells lies. He will move away from you.
  10. Stealing.
  11. Eating too much food. God condemns gluttony. He will move away from you.
  12. Getting involved in useless arguments. Such arguments invite demons into your life.
  13. Dishonesty.
  14. Any act of sexual immorality.
  15. Pornography.
  16. Masturbation. God will flee from you when you start masturbating.
  17. Listening to worldly music, instead of Christian music.
  18. Revenge. Why do you want to revenge? Leave God to revenge on the person who has wronged you.
  19. Administering injustice, instead of justice.
  20. Living a life without regular prayers.
  21. Living a life without reading God’s written Word in the Bible.
  22. Dishonoring your parents.
  23. Taking alcoholic drinks can make God get away from you.
  24. Pride. God will move away from any proud Christian. He will come back when you become humble.
  25. Causing divisions. God will move away from a person who causes divisions.
  26. Wicked imaginations. God will move away when you start imagining wicked things.
  27. Being a false witness. God will move away from you when you give false testimony.
  28. God will flee from any Christian who gets involved in Satanism, Witchcraft, or the occult.
  29. Slandering other persons.
  30. Being faithless. Have faith if you want God to be with you.




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  1. Nat

    Hi can you come back from this if you already have done this and felt Gods presence leave you?

  2. Lowo Olawale Sunday

    Good morning sir , just encourage me days by day, and give me the word

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