5 ways God exposes cheating Christians

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Alt=5 ways God exposes cheating Christians
5 ways God exposes cheating Christians.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, do you suspect that your partner is cheating on you? Don’t worry anymore, God is going to expose your adulterous partner one way or another. In this article I show you 5 ways God exposes cheating Christians.

Why God makes these revelations.

Our Heavenly Father makes these revelations so that the sinful Christian does not perish in hell. God wants the unfaithful person to repent and begin a new life with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

God’s warning through dreams.

If your partner cheats on you, God may warn you through a dream. In such dreams, God can show you the exact person your partner is cheating on you and the places they are going.

Take those dreams seriously. Wake up and pray after having a dream like this. Pray that our Heavenly Father will stop this adulterous affair. If you tell your partner what you dreamed, they may reconsider their sinful ways.


Alt=Seven signs that God woke you up
Seven signs that God woke you up.


Someone can tell you.

God can make someone see your adulterous partner with someone else somewhere. Observe your partner’s movements carefully. They may confirm the information they gave you. Take that information seriously and pray for God to end the adulterous relationship.

Items brought home by mistake.

God can cause his unfaithful partner to mistakenly bring items related to the adulterous affair. Such items may be a written note, a handkerchief, an item of clothing, or a receipt for a purchased item.




God may use problems to expose your cheating partner. The adulterous person may start getting all sorts of problems like financial difficulties, accidents, thefts, fights, job loss, and problems with the police.

Ask yourself why your partner is getting all these problems. Pray that God changes the ways of your cheating partner.


Finding them physically.

The Lord may guide your feet and cause you to find your cheating partner with the other person. In such a situation, restrain yourself, go back home and fight your battles through prayers.



Prayer that blocks Satan.




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