6 Curses for insulting your parents

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Alt=6 Curses for insulting your parents
6 Curses for insulting your parents.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you put yourself in serious danger if you insulted your parents. In this article, I show you six curses that will befall your life if you insult your parents.

First listen to this sad story.

Recently, I received bad news about a distant relative. I was informed that she had been deported from a very rich country.

As we discussed this deportation, I inquired about the brother of this deportee whom I last saw many years ago.

The same informant told me that this young man was found murdered in a trench a few years ago.

While lamenting this sad news, I suddenly heard the voice of God coming from heaven. This voice reminded me of something that happened about forty years ago.

That day, the mother of this deported relative had a bitter argument with his real father over family issues.

During the exchange of words, as a sign of protest, this woman undressed almost naked in front of her father, brothers and sisters.

During this act of undressing, she insulted her father with abusive and embarrassing comments.

Her father was so ashamed of looking at his daughter’s nudity that he quickly entered the house to avoid further embarrassment.

This was the beginning of this mother’s troubles.

Because of the curse, this mother died alone and shamefully, and many years later you can see what happens to her children.

The deportee and her brothers and sisters did not know what their mother did because they were not yet born.

You provoke God’s wrath.

When you insult your parents, you provoke the wrath and wrath of God.

The work of your hands will be cursed.

If you insult your parents, everything you do will be cursed.

Your relationships will be cursed.

If you insult your parents, your relationships, including your marriage, will be cursed.



Satan will attack you with sickness.

The devil will have the opportunity to attack you with serious illnesses.

You will not prosper.

If you insult your parents, it will be difficult for you to prosper or acquire wealth.

Your children and grandchildren will suffer.

If you don’t apologize to your parents, your children and grandchildren could inherit this curse. They will suffer in life without knowing that it is their mother or father who is the cause of their suffering.


Alt=6 Sins That Completely Remove God’s Protection

A shameful death.

Insulting your parents can result into your shameful death.

What if the parent is in the wrong?

If your parents are in the wrong, then you can separate in peace and ask God to bless and change them. It is better to leave your parents under God’s judgement rather than to insult them.





6 Curses for insulting your parents.


Prayer that blocks Satan.

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2 Responses

  1. Muhereza Canaan

    My mother started cursing me when I was 9 in 2014 till now but also her mother curses her what can I do to avoid this

    • Makko Musagara


      1. Surrender totally to Jesus Christ.
      2. Ask Jesus to wash away the curses from your life.
      3. Buy your mother a good gift that will please her. She will start blessing you, instead of cursing you.

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