6 reasons why few Christians enter Heaven

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Alt=6 reasons why few Christians enter Heaven
6 reasons why few Christians enter Heaven,




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe what I am about to tell you, but it is the real truth. Out of every 100 Christians that die everyday in this world, only about 10 or less, enter Heaven. In this article I give you 6 reasons why few Christians enter Heaven.

Satan’s roadblocks.

The Devil has set up so many road blocks for Christians. These roadblocks are the things of this world which have attracted most Christians. Many worldly things are preventing Christians from entering Heaven.

Christians no longer read God’s written word.

Many Christians no longer read God’s written word in the Bible. They do no know what God doesn’t want. Without their knowledge, they keep on walking against God’s word in the Bible. It is this lack of knowledge of God’s written word that prevents many Christians from entering Heaven.


Satan’s accusations.

Many Christians do not know that Satan uses the written word of God in the Bible to accuse them. Satan and demons are always standing near deceased Christians to accuse them before God and his angels.

God’s angels will refuse to open Heaven’s gates if Satan’s accusations against a deceased Christian are correct.

Many Christians are non-repentant.

Many Christians are living non-repentant lives. They see no reason to repent their sins before our Father in Heaven..

It is this non-repentant lifestyle that is preventing many Christians from entering Heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed all Christians to pray like this everyday:


Forgive us our sins,
    for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.


Luke 11:4


If a Christian does not ask God for forgiveness, our Father in Heaven will not forgive that Christian. That Christian will miss Heaven.


Covenants with the Devil.

Many Christians have mixed with the world. Without their knowledge they have made covenants with Satan. It is these covenants that are preventing many Christians from entering Heaven.


Our Father in Heaven has called many Christians into ministry to prevent souls from perishing into Hell. A lot of Christians have left this world without responding to God‘s call. Such Christians may find it very difficult to enter Heaven.



6 reasons why few Christians enter Heaven


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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  1. Magdalena hidalgo

    This is true but God says he who BELEIVE in me that I am the light of this world my enter the kingdom of god his father an that he shed his blood for us John 3/16 say it all if we BELEIVE in him that he gave his son for our dinner we shall live in his kingdom I BELEIVE in god the son an the holly spirit we are all sinners we are not perfect we live in a world of dinner but we have that hope an that is Jesus Christ our savior I BELEIVE that my daughter is with him sitting on his table that she made iit throw those doors of heaven ? an that god say exemptme as your Lord an saveor an you shall live with me in my kindom I BELEIVE he is lord or lord

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