6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain

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6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain
6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, the spirit world is real, and most of the evils you see in the physical world are the result of what  happened in the spiritual realm.

In this article I show you six spiritual causes of severe back pain.

Listen to this true story first.

Once a colleague invited my wife and I for prayer because he had acute lower back pain. This man had once bent to lift a plastic basin when he felt a jolt in his spine. This was the start of his spine troubles.

From then on he found it difficult to bend over, sleep on his right-hand side, and move around. More importantly, he could not fulfill his marital obligations.

As we were praying for this man, something extraordinary suddenly happened. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I saw something that scared me. I saw a long snake slowly come out of the right leg of this man and it quickly disappeared into the surroundings. Then, quickly the Lord restored my normal vision.

Within a few days, this man informed us that he was totally healed. It is from this, and other experiences that I concluded that many back pain issues have spiritual causes.


As we prayed, I saw a long snake coming out of his right leg.


Misunderstandings and curses.

This is the number one cause of acute back pain. If you were to study people with severe back pain, you will find that many had misunderstandings and were cursed by another person. A curse opens the door for demons to attack the victim.

Only prayer through Jesus Christ can bring healing to the affected person.

Personal rivalry.

Due to personal rivalry, one person may indulge in witchcraft, the occult, or Satanism resulting into a spiritual attack on the the other person.


Uncontrolled anger opens a door for demons, including the spirits of back ache, to attack a person.

Mistreating other people.

If a person unfairly mistreats others, that person enters into a world of vengeance whereby they can easily be attacked by the spirits of back pain.


When you mistreat others, you open a door for demons of back pain to enter your life.


Some people with acute back pain are victims of demonic attacks due to sheer jealousy.


Sometimes the person with severe back ache may have sinned against Heavenly Father. In such a situation God allows the demons of back ache to attack the sinner.

Such pain can only go away after repentance.




6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain.




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  1. Lindsey Ingram


    I have a friend who has to quit working as a nurse because of extreme, chronic and unexplainable back pain. When she was school aged, she was mercilessly bullied, and experienced some rejection from extended family as well. She is a strong believer since going through those things. Could those instances of being a victim, have opened her up to curses which are manifesting as back pain now?

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