6 spiritual causes of severe back pain

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Alt=6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain
6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, the spiritual world is real and most of the evils you see in the physical world are a result of what happened in the spiritual realm.

In this article I show you six spiritual causes of severe back pain.

Listen to this true story first.

A colleague once invited my wife and me to pray because he had acute lower back pain. This back pain started one day when this man had bent down to pick up a plastic container. As he bent, he suddenly felt a jolt in his spine. This was the beginning of his spinal problems.

From then on it was difficult for him to bend over, sleep on his right-hand side, and move around. More importantly, he was unable to fulfill his marital obligations.

As we were praying for this man, something extraordinary suddenly happened. The Lord opened my spiritual eyes and I saw something that scared me. I saw a long snake slowly emerge from this man’s right leg and quickly disappeared into the surroundings. Then, the Lord quickly restored my normal vision.

A few days later, this man informed us that he was completely cured. It is from this and other experiences that I concluded that many back pain problems have spiritual causes.


Misunderstandings and curses.

This is the number one cause of acute back pain. If you were to study people with severe back pain, you will find that many had misunderstandings and were cursed by another person. A curse opens the door for demons to attack the victim.

Only prayer through Jesus Christ can bring healing to the affected person.


Due to personal rivalries, an enemy may use witchcraft, the occult, or Satanism to attack the person in question. This spiritual attack can manifest itself in the form of severe back pain.



Uncontrolled anger opens a door for demons, including the spirits of back ache, to attack a person.

Mistreating other people.

If a person unfairly mistreats others, that person enters into a world of vengeance whereby they can easily be attacked by the spirits of back pain.



Some people with acute back pain are victims of demonic attacks due to sheer jealousy.


Sometimes the person with severe back ache may have sinned against Heavenly Father. In such a situation God allows the demons of back ache to attack the sinner.

Such pain can only go away after repentance.




6 Spiritual causes of severe back pain.


L’arme pour arrêter Satan se trouve en réalité dans Luc 11:4



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11 Responses

  1. Lindsey Ingram


    I have a friend who has to quit working as a nurse because of extreme, chronic and unexplainable back pain. When she was school aged, she was mercilessly bullied, and experienced some rejection from extended family as well. She is a strong believer since going through those things. Could those instances of being a victim, have opened her up to curses which are manifesting as back pain now?

  2. D

    I’ve indulged in sin and degeneracy for most of my life I’ve been a bad person and sometimes I feel cursed from birth. I’ve been trying to get right with God but I feel so lost and guilty. Im only 23 but I’ve been having back pain for a couple of years now and even noticed I may have scoliosis, it just feels like I’m reaping what I have sown please what Bible verses can I read, I need help.

  3. eva

    Can you please suggest how exactly we should pray to get rid of the backache? me and my husband have had this for 6 months now, it is becoming unbearable even to sit or sleep. He had it first after me.

    • Makko Musagara

      Sometimes your prayers may not give you the healing you need. You have to seek the prayer of a Christan servant of God who is more anointed than you are.


  4. Darius

    I experience back pain or chest sensations, especially when fighting back against intrusive thoughts. I’ve been checked medically, even suspecting they were spiritual assaults. I pray, have gone through many deliverances, yet continue to deal with the same issues. The thorn in my side likes try to make me believe I’ve done too many wrongs

  5. Sherry

    I’ve had back pain started as a teenager or younger. My lower back. Later on in life it began to cause pain down my leg. I’ve been dealing with this for years now. I have prayed for others for deliverance and I e had people pray for me but still it’s still persistent. I pray the Lord gives me relief soon or shows me why. Ive often wondered if it’s a curse, but I’ve broken generational curses so I don’t know. Good thread though, I’ll pray about it more.

  6. Te wetene

    I know the cure to removing the back pain because God did it for me. The answer of humble yourself and get rid of pride. Learn about the leviathan spirit and God will reveal to you the truth

  7. Gail

    There is another one that does it too people who sexually abuse others in the spirit realm will also lead to severe back pain.

  8. Lida

    I only experience back pain when Im close to a certain person whom I happen to love very much. We do not have relations anymore as I an being obedient but when I’m close to him I feel a pain in my lower right side and he often complains of having a pain there when he’s around me. It’s seems to happen less to him when were apart and not happen to me at all.

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