7 ways to keep your wife

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7 ways to keep your wife
7 ways to keep your wife



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, I and my wife have been married for the last 32 years. In my country when a wife is overwhelmed by marital problems, she temporarily goes back to her parents until her husband comes to apologize and pick her up for a new start. My wife has never been in such a situation. In this post I give you seven ways you can keep your wife at peace in your marriage.

  1. Accept your wife as God’s best gift to you. Of all the women on earth, God chose her as the most suitable for you. When you accept this truth, you will be not tempted to cheat on your wife even if the other woman is more beautiful or more gifted. Always focus on your wife’s strengths instead of being bothered by her weaknesses. For example my wife has taught me how to save money. I remember I used to be a big spender. Do not be bothered by the bad side of your wife; her weaknesses will disappear with time.
  2. Never cheat on your wife. The major reason I have kept my wife at peace is that I have never cheated on her. During the first year of our marriage my wife pleaded with me: “As for me, I can tolerate any problem in our marriage as long as you not cheat on me”. I have kept my promise to her and this has given her a lot of peace.
  3. Give your wife cash to spend. My wife initially depended on me for most of her financial needs because I was working and she was not. Later in our marriage I wanted her to be financially independent. For that reason I gave her a portion of the rental buildings we acquired during our marriage. These assets have turned her from a beggar to a giver.  There are situations where a wife earns more that the husband; still the wife needs cash from the husband’s hand. Sometimes my wife tells me: “Men were created to give women”
  4. Always get to know her deeper problems. Sometimes wives do not tell husbands some of the problems deep on their hearts. Press her to know the secret burden so that you pray together and help her overcome. Sharing and overcoming personal problems with my wife has created a strong bond between the two of us.
  5. Fear God.

When you fear God, you will fear doing anything that hurts your wife. In addition, the fear of God will prevent you from sinning against Him and your wife.

  1. Fear Hell.

There are some things I hesitate to do just because I fear spending eternal life in fire. For example my anger may suddenly disappear when I realize it takes me to Hell. These hesitations have given me and my wife a happy marriage.

  1. Focus on Heaven.

When you focus on Heaven, you will always look at God’s rewards after life. You will hesitate doing anything that will take eternal life away from you.




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