9 prayers God will never answer

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Alt=9 prayers God will never answer
9 prayers God will never answer.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, there are many prayers made by Christians which cannot be answered by God. In this article I have selected only 9 prayers God will never answer.

God, please let me die now.

God has allocated each person the number of days they are supposed to live on Earth.  Our Father in Heaven cannot allow you to die before your appointed time of death.

A prayer to take the property of a fellow believer.

God cannot answer your prayer asking him to help you get a fellow Christian’s wife or husband, house, car, or property. It is the Devil who answers such prayers.

A prayer made after your death.

This goes to all Christians who are still alive. You better talk to God when you are still alive. God can answer your prayers when you are still alive on Earth.

After your death, you may pray and cry to God, but he will never answer your prayers. It is better to repent of your sins now, before you die. To understand what I am talking about, please read Luke 16:19-31.

Prayer from an unforgiving person.

God will never forgive a person who has refused to forgive others.  Such a person can pray to God for forgiveness, but God will never answer that prayer. Please read Mathew 6:15 to understand what I am talking about.

A prayer rejecting God’s assignment.

Our Father in Heaven cannot answer positively the prayer of a person rejecting God‘s assignment. Moses tried to pray like that, but God refused to listen. God refused to give Moses’s assignment to any other person, except Moses himself.

God, help me become like that person.

God may never answer such a prayer. Our Father in Heaven created each person differently, with different abilities according to God’s will in Heaven (see Mathew 25:15). No two persons on this Earth are the same. Not even identical twins. Instead of admiring other people and their achievements, always pray like this:


Father, let your will be done in my life, as you planned in Heaven.


God, help me become the richest person in my country.

God will never answer the prayers of many selfish Christians. What happens next after he makes you the richest person in your country? Instead of such selfish prayers, Christians should pray like this:


Father in Heaven, please help me become a blessing to millions of people in my country.


When you pray like this, you will not know where money to make you very rich will come from.

A prayer contradicting God’s written word in the Bible.

God cannot answer any prayer that contradicts his written word in the Bible.

Satan asking for forgiveness.

If at one time in future Satan repents and asks God to forgive him, our Father in Heaven will never answer such a prayer. The heavenly file containing Satan’s case has already been closed. God’s judgement has already been made. I advise the Devil never to waste God‘s time on this matter.





Prayer that blocks Satan.


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