A choir of angels in my office!

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Alt=A choir of angels in my office!



Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you, but this actually happened to me. A choir of God’s angels came to my office for some reason that I do not understand up to now.

Our heavenly Father is my witness that this incident really happened.

Here is what happened.

Prior to my current job I had an office in an almost private area of our city. No one in this office block worked on Saturdays because most offices were for the Government.

I rarely worked on Saturdays for I had dedicated it to my family and my personal affairs. The reason I decided to come to the office on this particular Saturday was that I had a lot of documents waiting on my desk.

I wanted to attend to all these documents and leave the tray empty.

Apart from a few security guards who were on the ground floor, there was no other person on the whole block of about twenty offices.

When I started working, all I could hear was the chirping of tropical birds in the nearby garden of trees..

The angelic music.

As I read one of the documents, suddenly something happened. I started hearing heavenly worship music. It was as if a choir of  hundreds of heavenly angels was worshipping God in unison.

Worship music echoed from all the four walls of my office but, strange enough, I could not see the people who were singing.


I rushed to check on the guards.

At first I thought that it was the guards downstairs who were playing  loud radio music, so I quickly went on the ground floor to check on them.

The weirdest thing was that the music faded the further I moved away from my desk. Secondly, I discovered that none of the guards was playing any music, as they were not allowed while on duty.

Back to my office.

Returning to my office I realized that the invisible choir was still singing worship music. Now I realized that this was a supernatural phenomenon.

This choir continued singing for about five minutes until the music began to slowly fade away, and disappeared completely.

Why the heavenly choir came.

Until now I don’t understand why the heavenly choir of angels came to my office. Maybe our heavenly Father wanted to show me that even though sometimes I consider myself alone, I am not always alone alone?

From this experience I realized that you, the one reading this article right now, are not alone as you might think. When you think you are lonely, our Father in Heaven sends his heavenly angels to keep you company.





A choir of angels in my office!


Oración que bloquea a Satanás.

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