Attack not your pastor

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Attack not your pastor
Attack not your pastor.




 Makko Musagara




Dear reader, I have seen some Christians making the big mistake of attacking their pastors. In this post I give you seven reasons why you should never attack your pastor.

For the purpose of this article, I refer only to those pastors who have been truly called by God to serve.

  1. If your pastor was truly called by God, then he is God’s representative. By attacking him you are attacking God. Instead of attacking him, focus on how you can tap God’s anointing and blessings from him.
  2. Your pastor carries God’s authority over you. You may reap God’s wrath by attacking him.
  3. If your pastor has made a mistake, the God who called him, not you, will discipline him. Instead of attacking and criticizing him, it is better to pray for him that God changes his ways.
  4. If you opt to attack your pastor, then you may miss his blessings and promotion in God’s Kingdom.
  5. By attacking your pastor, you are giving other members of your church a bad example. You are leading a rebellion that may land you in Hell.
  6. God put you under your pastor for training purposes. Time will come when you become independent and you do whatever you want. When you attack your pastor you are interrupting God’s training for your life. If he has made mistakes, take the good out him and you leave the bad side.
  7. By attacking your pastor you are only assisting the Devil. You are turning physical instead of spiritual. It is better to go into a spiritual war by praying and fasting for your pastor. If your prayers are genuine, you will see changes in your pastor’s life for the better.

I conclude this article by advising that if your prayers and fasting for your pastor have failed, then it is better to leave that church than attacking him.



Attack not your pastor.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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