Blame not God

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Blame not God


By  Makko Musagara


Dear reader, some Christians blame God when bad things happen to them. They think God does not love them and he is the cause of their troubles. They keep on wondering why God has let them down. Such Christians do not know that they are the real cause of their problems. In this post I show you why they should not blame God for their troubles.

The Devil is the real causer of all problems.

Dear reader, God has never been the causer of man’s problems, it is Satan who has always been the cause. You may think you have been living a very good Christian life yet you may knowingly or unknowingly commit a sin that gives demons to enter your life and torment you.

Demons are always watching the lives of Christians, especially the committed ones. They are waiting for any opportunity when such Christians commit sin. When a sin is committed then they gain a legal ground to enter into the lives of such Christians. When legal ground is acquired, demons can do a lot of destruction including failure, sickness, and other types of suffering.

A good example.

A Christian may be on the verge of a great breakthrough. Then he is incited by Satan to commit a sin. Demons will gain a legal basis to enter the life of such a Christian to prevent that breakthrough.

King David carries out a census.

King David had always been gaining victories using smaller armies compared to his enemies. Then the Devil incited him to assess his strength by counting the number of all people in Israel and Judah. This opened a legal door for Satan and demons to attack him. As a result So the Lord sent a pestilence (plague) [lasting three days] upon Israel from the morning until the appointed time, and seventy thousand men of the people from Dan to Beersheba died. David was not angry with God. Instead he was angry with himself.




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