Consider only this in any Christian fiancé

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Alt=Consider only this in any Christian fiancé
Consider only this in any Christian fiancé.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, have you identified a fiancé for marriage? Before marriage takes place, please consider doing only this one thing I am about to tell you. Consider only this in any Christian fiancé. If you follow my advice, your marriage will be very strong, and it will last long.

The number one reason why many Christian marriages break up.

Many Christian marriages break up because of wrong partners. The Devil arranges wrong partners to destroy the future of many blessed Christians. After the marriage vows in church, a blessed Christian finds it very difficult to separate. Divorce happens later, after a lot of damage has been done.

Consider only this in any Christian fiancé.

As soon as you get a fiancé for marriage, the first thing you must do is to seek God’s will. Does our Father in Heaven want your marriage, with that fiancé, to take place? If the answer is yes, then you can go ahead with that fiancé.  If the answer is no, pause and retract from your relationship. Seeking God‘s will for your marriage will save you a lot of marriage struggles.

How to seek God’s will.

You can seek God‘s will for your fiancé by  contacting a minister of God, especially one who lives a prayerful life. If you feel you may not get guidance from your pastor, then seek God through a minister of God who has a spirit of discernment. You may also personally seek God’s guidance through prayer and fasting.

Abraham’s servant sought God’s guidance.

Abraham assigned his servant to look for the right fiancé for his son Isaac. This servant had a very difficult time to get the right marriage partner for Isaac. Then this servant remembered something. This servant remembered God! He knelt down and prayed seeking God‘s guidance (Genesis 24:12-14).

Finally God answered this servant’s prayer. God miraculously led Rebecca to this servant at a well. In the end, by God’s guidance, Rebecca became the right marriage partner for Isaac.



Prayer that blocks Satan.



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