Demon prostitutes

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Demon prostitutes




Makko Musagara




The Devil is using prostitutes to destroy the lives of many men and women. No person remains the same after using a prostitute. Some fall from great heights while others are perpetually tormented by difficulties. The Devil has taken advantage of this by using his special demons that have the ability to turn into very beautiful women, or call them demon prostitutes. It is true that some types of demons have the ability to convert into very beautiful women. This article is about these demon prostitutes.

How demon prostitutes operate.

The Devil and demons operate mainly in the spirit world. However, there are some types of demons with the ability to convert into physically beautiful women. When their missions are over they turn back into their normal spiritual demonic beings. Their mission is not to earn money but to destroy men for one reason or another. Any man who sleeps with such a demon prostitute will end up with many curses and failures in his life.

Listen to this true story.

This is a true story. One time a man picked up a beautiful woman prostitute from the street not knowing that it was actually a demon in disguise. While on bed at his residence, the beautiful “woman” insisted that all lights are first switched off before they can sleep together. The man refused reasoning that he prefers when lights are switched on.

Then something unimaginable to this man happened. As the “woman” laid on bed, one of her arms mysteriously stretched into a length of about three meters and switched off the lights! Then quickly the arm contracted and returned to its normal length!.

On seeing this extraordinary act, the man fainted. He woke up two hours later only to find the beautiful “woman” had vanished. That was the turning point of his life.




Prayer that blocks Satan.

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