Do this immediately you enter any hotel room.

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Alt=Do this immediately you enter any hotel room.
Do this immediately you enter any hotel room.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, hotel rooms are good because they give the guest peace, relaxation, and comfort. However, this may not be the case within the spiritual realm of that room. It all depends on who stayed in that room, and what they did in it. If what was done in that room was not good, you may feel some negative forces as you rest, or during your sleep.

The Lord showed me something that scared me.

Secondly, some hotels are located in spiritual zones where the Devil has strongholds. I remember one time I stayed in such a hotel. About an hour after sleeping in this room the Lord revealed to me something in the spiritual realm that scared me a lot. I saw a large bird standing in my room’s window staring at me. This bird had a strange head. Its head was not that of a bird! The head  was that of a goat!. I  quickly woke up  and went into aggressive prayer. I cast that demon out of the hotel window where it was standing.

Do this immediately you enter your hotel room.

As soon as you enter your hotel room, close the door and stand still. Do not do anything else. Do not remove your shoes. Do not sit on the bed, or the nearby chair. Do not touch the remote control or other items in that room. Do not open your suitcase. Instead, start praying immediately. Go on your knees and start talking to our Father in Heaven. Thank God for your travel, and the many good things He has done for you.

Say the Lord’s prayer.

The Lord’s Prayer is very important for every Christian. This prayer will bring God’s Kingdom into that hotel room.

Bind and cast away the evil spirits.

After the Lord’s Prayer, start binding and casting away any evil spirits that may be in that hotel room.

Invite the Kingdom of Heaven into that room.

It is possible to bring Heaven to that hotel room. Invite God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, as well as God’s angels to come and be with you in that hotel room.

Plead the Blood of Jesus.

After prayer, move around the hotel room pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ on everything in that room, starting with the bed. The Blood of Jesus will prevent any evil spirit from entering your hotel room.




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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