Forgive your wife

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Forgive your wife

Forgive your wife


By Makko Musagara

Dear reader I don’t know what your wife has done to you. What I know is that your wife is not the real cause of the problem. The real cause are the evil forces of Satan and demons who are against the continuation of your marriage. This is why I am saying that forgive your wife

My wife and I

I have been with my wife for 32 years and I thank God that during all this time we have rarely quarreled or gone into very hot arguments. But I remember one incident when a war was about to break out in our home. We started with a normal conversation until my wife’s anger slowly built up. When I realized that her accusation was false, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit directing me to stop immediately from arguing with her and leave our bedroom. I obeyed, went into the next room where I began praying. I realized our marriage had been attacked by evil forces. I went into spiritual warfare binding the spirits of anger, disunity, witchcraft, divorce, quarreling and divorce. I loosened the spirit of unity, peace, joy, happiness on to our home. After this prayer I went back to our bedroom and found that the atmosphere had suddenly changed. Even though she was still awake, she never uttered any additional word to provoke me. To break the silence I shifted the blame on the Devil and said:

The Devil is so bad. He has seen our latest achievements and he wants us to fight each other”. After this statement, my wife also realized that it was the work of the Devil. After gaining her support, I continued: “Satan you are a liar. Jesus has already defeated you. Leave us alone

My wife forgave me and I forgave her. We forgot everything we had both said. We hugged each other and went into a deep sleep. This is why I say that forgive your wife.



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