God and your difficult child.

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Alt=God and your difficult child.
God and your difficult child.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, the relationship of many Christian parents with our Father in Heaven has gone bad because of their difficult sons or daughters. Many of these parents are wondering why God cannot help them restore their sons or daughters.

Giving up on God.

Many Christian parents pray until they give up on God. They conclude that God is not hearing their prayers. Hopelessness and worry steal all their faith and joy in God. Some begin to wonder whether God really exists.

The truth about God.

In this article I show you that God is concerned about the difficult sons and daughters of many Christian parents. Our Father in Heaven always hears the prayers of such parents, and takes action, though these parents may not perceive God’s intervention.

Never give up on prayer.

One mistake done by many parents in such situations is to give up on prayer. In this situation, the best offer you can give to your son or daughter is prayer.

God does not respond to the tears, worries, anxiety, or the anger of such parents. Our Father in Heaven responds to their prayers, though this response may not be immediately apparent.

How God responds to the prayers of parents.

God responds to parents’ prayers by doing the following:

  1. God will send out angels to these sons and daughters to ensure they are alive.

  2. God will send out angels to ensure these sons and daughters get food and accommodation.

  3. Our Father in Heaven will send the Holy Spirit to convict these sons and daughters. Time comes when they realize that what they are doing is bad. The Holy Spirit will convict them to remember their parents and reconsider their bad lifestyles (Luke 15:17-20).

  4. As parents continue praying, God will send the Holy Spirit to deliver these sons and and daughters from the demonic forces that torment them. This is exactly what happened in Mark 5:1- 15.

  5. As you pray, God will send his angels to these sons and daughters to cause someone to help them.

  6. As you continue praying daily, God will protect your son or daughter from engagement into crime.

  7. If you do not give up praying, God will cause his will for your son or daughter to be done in their lives as he planned in Heaven. I have seen previously very bad sons and daughters turn into very powerful ministers of God.

Do not give up on praying for your difficult son or daughter. Every prayer counts. God hears each prayer and will take some action, though sometimes you may not perceive such action.



Prayer that blocks Satan.


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