God can give your heavenly reward to someone else

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Alt=God can give your heavenly reward to someone else
God can give your heavenly reward to someone else.



Makko Musagara



Dear reader, if the Lord assigned you work in His Kingdom, and you failed to do that work, you risk loosing your heavenly reward.

Father in Heaven may give your heavenly reward to the person who has heard God’s call and accomplished your assignment.

The person who gets your heavenly reward.

When you fail to accomplish your divine assignment, and someone else responds to God’s call to fulfil your assignment, then God will give your heavenly rewards to that person. This was revealed to me in a vision from God.

The Vision that God showed me.

In this vision I saw a man enter a heavenly restaurant and placed an order for a special meal. About thirty minutes later, another man entered the same restaurant and he placed his order as well.

The special dish was given to another person.

Then something unusual in this restaurant happened. The man who came thirty minutes later was served first. He completed his lunch as the first man still waited for his order.

Then another strange thing happened. When the special dish for the first man was brought, it was also given to the second man who had already eaten.

The first man stood up and protested angrily. He asked the waiters why they had given the special food to the man who arrived last. The waiters never answered this man. It was the voice from heaven that answered the complaining man.

The voice from Heaven.

As the first man continued to complain, a loud voice came from Heaven and told him as follows:


I am the one who instructed the waiters to give your special dish to the second man

because he obeyed me and accomplished what you failed to do

 So the last will be first, and the first will be last.


Mathew 20:16




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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