God granted my wish! I saw where the Holy Spirit lives.

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Alt=God granted my wish! I saw where the Holy Spirit lives.
God granted my wish! I saw where the Holy Spirit lives.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may not believe this, but it actually happened. God granted my wish! I saw where the Holy Spirit lives.

I am not as holy as you may think.

Before I tell you what my wish was, you may ask yourself whether I am too holy. The answer is No. I am not as holy as you may think. In fact, I do not know why God our Father in heaven granted me this wish that I had within my heart.

Does God grant every wish I have in my heart?

No. I had many wishes in life but God has not answered all. Therefore I do not know why our Father in Heaven granted me this particular wish.

What was my wish?

My wish was to see where the Holy Spirit actually lives in Heaven.

Why did I have such a wish?

I had such a wish because I had read many books indicating that the Holy Spirit is a person. So, I thought that if the Holy Spirit is a person, then every person I know has a place where they live. I really wanted to see where the person of the Holy Spirit lives in Heaven.

How God granted my wish.

I remember I made that wish on a Saturday as I was supervising church construction works. I never knew that our Father in Heaven had seen the wish I had within my heart. Then as I slept that very night, the Lord took my spirit away to Heaven. My body remained in my bedroom but my spirit was taken away to Heaven.

The divine dream.

As the Lord took my spirit to Heaven, it was as if I was dreaming. Suddenly I found myself at a white door. The door opened by itself and I was almost blinded by the brilliant white light that came out of the open door. I looked inside and saw a very large  and long room measuring about 50 kilometers (31 Miles).

All the walls, and the floor were brilliant white. I have never seen this type of white color on earth. Heaven has so many colors we do not have here on earth. A piece of  white printing paper from Earth would look very dirty in God’s room I saw.

In the middle of this vast room was something that looked like a huge brilliant white table covered with a long white soft  cushion. On top of this brilliant white cushion  were three persons seated in a triangular formation.

From the door where  I was standing I could see only one majestic figure looking at me. He was the Father and he looked like the President of the whole universe.

The other two persons were facing the Father therefore I could not see their faces. My spirit told me that they were the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What were the three persons doing?

The three persons were continuously and happily talking to each other. I tried my best to listen to what they were discussing but I failed to understand. This Vision showed me that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are  happily conversing with one another all the time.

The Father Invited me inside.

As I stood at the white door looking inside, the Father gestured me to enter. Dear reader, you may not believe this. When I looked at God’s heavenly room and I looked back at my shirt, I realized that my shirt was very dirty. I cried to God saying:


My Father, please excuse me. I am very dirty; I cannot enter your room. I will make your room dirty. Please I beg you, let me go back to earth.


But our Father insisted that I enter jis room. He said:


Do not worry, please enter.


Every time I remember this invitation I realize that our Father is too merciful. We are always scared of our sins but our Father is always inviting us to go to him as we are, so that he washes us clean.

Entering God’s white room.

The first thing I realized as I entered our Father’s room was that my feet left dirty marks everywhere I stepped. Dear reader, I do not know who the holiest person on earth is. If that holiest person went into God’s room, that person would realize that the holiness he is boasting about is filth compared to God’s holiness.

I wanted to run away and return to earth but our Father in Heaven insisted that I continue walking to the giant white table on which he was seated with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

What our Father said.

When I reached the giant brilliant white table I knelt down. The Son and the Holy Spirit were not talking. It was only our Father who was talking. He thanked me for the church construction works and said:


Now you have seen where the Holy Spirit lives!


Suddenly I left God’s room at a supersonic speed and I woke up from this vision. I woke up filled with the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit.

Even today as I wrote this article I felt the resurgence of the mighty presence of the Holy Spirit I experienced in that supernatural vision.

This is how God granted my wish. Now I know where the Holy Spirit lives. The Holy Spirit lives together with our Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ in a very brilliant white heavenly room.



God granted my wish! I saw where the Holy Spirit lives.


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  1. La'Asia Foster

    Absolutely lovedd to hear this! This website is such a great help! ✞︎✞︎✞︎ So looking forward to seeking the LORD way more than I ever have! God Bless you!???

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