God has much trust in you.

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Dieu a beaucoup confiance en vous.

God has much trust in you.


By   Makko Musagara


God has much trust in you.

Dear reader, there is one secret about God that I want you to know. Our Father in Heaven has a lot of trust in you. God knows that you cannot forsake him, no matter what comes in your way.

God knows you can overcome all trials.

The best comparison I can make in regard to your relationship with God is the faith our Father in Heaven had in Daniel and his two friends. God knew that Daniel and his two friends would never forsake him, no matter what trials were put before them. This is the main reason God did not intervene just as the three were  being thrown into the den of lions or into the furnace of fire. He only intervened afterwards.

God had a lot faith in Job.

God had a lot confidence in Job. He knew that Job would never forsake or sin against  him. This is the main reason our Father in Heaven was not bothered when Satan came with accusations against Job. God told Satan that he was  so sure about Job’s faith no matter what trials were put before him. So, when Satan asked God for permission to go and test Job, our Father in Heaven did not hesitate for even a single minute. Hear what God told Satan:

Very well, then, everything he has is in your power, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.”  Job 1:12

God had a lot of trust in Jesus Christ.

When our Father in Heaven sent Jesus Christ to do ministry on Earth, he had a lot of confidence in him. God knew that  Jesus would never let him down. Therefore when Satan one day came seeking permission from God to tempt Jesus, our Father did something unique. Not only did he permit Satan to tempt Jesus, our Father took Jesus to the Devil to be tested! If you have any doubts about what I am telling you then read Mathew 4:1. Hear what the written Word of God says:

Then Jesus was led by the [Holy] Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.Mathew 4:1

Jesus did not like the experience.

Our Lord Jesus overcame all the temptation, but he did not like Satan together with the trials and temptations he went through in the wilderness. From that time on during his prayer time our Lord Jesus Christ always asked our Father in Heaven not to lead him to the Devil again. Jesus always pleaded to God:

Yes Father, I know you have a lot of faith in me; but please do no lead me to the Devil to be tested again. Do not lead me into temptation. Please deliver me from all evil“.

God listened to Jesus and he never led him again into the wilderness to be tested by Satan.

Prevent temptations and trials coming your way.

Our Lord Jesus has taught all believers what to do if they want to prevent temptations and trials coming their way. He told us to pray to our Father in Heaven like this everyday:

Forgive us our sins,
    for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.[a]
And lead us not into temptation.[b]’”   Luke 11:4

Dear Christian, if you pray like this everyday, then our Father in Heaven will not lead you to the Devil to be tempted as  did with Jesus Christ in Mathew 4:1. Whe Jesus prayed like this, God listened and he never led Jesus again to Satan to be tempted.

When you pray like this and Satan goes to God with accusations against you, our Father in Heaven will not give the Devil permission to come and tempt you.



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