God neutralized the strong poison!

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God neutralized the strong poison!
God neutralized the strong poison!




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you are about to see that God is far above the deadliest poison on earth.

Our Father in heaven can instantly change a potent poison, like cyanide, into a pleasant non-lethal carbonated  beverage.

If you have any doubts, wait for a few seconds and see.

The most poisonous plant in the world.

What I am about to tell you is poison from one of the most poisonous plants on earth. You cannot cook this plant as food, and eat it without serious effects on your health. If you eat cooked food from this plant, you can die within a short time.

A person who has eaten this poisonous plant starts by complaining about headache, nausea, dizziness, and a very quick heart rate.

In less than one hour the victim becomes unconscious, gets convulsions, and suffers from respiratory failure. What follows is a coma, and finally death.

This plant is mentioned in the Bible.

The plant I am talking about is mentioned in  2 Kings 4:38-40. It is common in the area of Gilgal, within the Jordan valley. in the present day West Bank, Israel.

This plant is a symbol of death, and no one eats this plant without lethal side effects.

God is above all poisons.

You are about to see for yourself how our Father in heaven is above all poisons on earth. If you put your faith in God, and pray for any food before eating, Jesus Christ can neutralize any poison in that food.

Prayer neutralized the poison.

When the man of God (Elisha) realized that food was poisoned, he prayed over a small amount of ordinary flour and asked the cooks to put that flour in the poisoned food.

As a result, God instantly neutralized the strong poison..


God neutralized the strong poison!
Praying for food allows God to neutralize all the poison.


Elisha said.

Now, you can serve this food to the people to eat.


And there was no more poison in the food. Everyone, including Elisha himself, happily ate this food without experiencing any negative side effects (check  2 Kings 4:41).






God neutralized the strong poison!




Do not lead us into temptation




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