God saves a man from death

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God saves a man from death
God saves a man from death



By Makko Musagara


Dear reader, a few weeks ago, as I lay on my bed at night, something supernatural happened. I saw something in a vision. I never knew that this vision would save someone from death. The images in this vision were as clear as if I was watching a  very high definition slow movie on a cinema screen. In this vision I saw a car coming to a house that I knew very well. When this car stopped, out of it came four men carrying a dead body of a middle aged man. He was murdered while both hands were tied with a rope behind his back. They threw the body near me and drove off fast. When I looked closely at the dead man’s face, I realized I knew him.

Still in this vision I asked the Lord: “Lord, what happened to this man? Why did he die?” The Lord told me: “This man was involved in a land wrangle. Land fraudsters duped him to go for a refund but instead they killed him”. Then suddenly I woke up from this vision! I knew God wanted to save this man’s life. He wanted me to intercede and warn him as well.

I sat on my bed for a few minutes until I realized this was a warning message from God. I had taken more than six months without seeing the man God showed me in that vision because he lives about 80km from where I stay. We were not in touch and I did not know what was going on in his life. Nonetheless I immediately went on my knees and interceded for him. I pleaded to God that He spares his life. I bound the spirit of death upon that man and cast it away from him.

It was around 2:00am in the night when I finished praying. Soon after that prayer I picked up my phone and called that man. Lucky enough his phone was switched on. I told him as follows: “I do not know what is going on in your life. But the Lord has told me to warn you to back off from the land wrangles you are involved in. If you persist, you are going to die”. This man got my message clearly and was short of words. He remained silent on the phone for a while as, I believe, he wondered how God revealed his private life to me.

This man tells me everything.

In the morning I picked up my phone again and called this man. I asked him: “Did you hear what God told you last night? You were not dreaming. I am the one who was talking to you on phone.” He replied as follows:

“Now I know you worship a true God who knows all peoples secrets. About three months ago I paid for a piece of land but the deal went wrong. I did not know I was dealing with fraudsters, so I ended up losing my money. This week I have been pressing these men to refund my money. I believe in what your God told you because these men have started making death threats upon my life. For the sake of my life, let me obey what your God has told me. I think life is more important than money and land”.

This is how God spared this man’s life. He never pursued that money and land again. He is free and he is still living today. May the glory of God dwell all over the earth.



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