God told me this about rivalry among Christians

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Alt=God told me this about rivalry among Christians
God told me this about rivalry among Christians.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, Father in Heaven is shocked by the unhealthy competition within the church today. God told me this about rivalry among Christians.

Best cars, best suits, best funeral services.

What is happening today is that some believers are struggling to have the best dresses, the best suits, the best cars, the best houses, the best weddings, the best private jets, and the best funeral services.

What Father in Heaven told me.

I and my wife had gone for a Christian funeral service where the organizers did not know both of us. The person who invited us was busy in the nearby house making the final funeral arrangements. On our arrival, the ushers directed us to the first row of a half-full tent where we immediately joined other Christians to worship God.

Then, after about an hour, something strange happened. Due to the increasing number of people, the emcee decided all those seated in the front row move to the third row to create space. We went to the third row as requested, though this did not please me.

Father in Heaven saw my disgusted heart and then, suddenly, I felt his mighty presence.

Immediately the power of the Lord covered the place where I sat and God led me to open randomly the Bible I was holding in my hands.

The page I informally opened had Philippians chapter 2. Then, miraculously, verse 3 gently flew out of the page into my eyes! It was like a beautiful butterfly moving away from a multicolored flower into my eyes.

This verse read like this:


Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit [through factional motives, or strife],

but with [an attitude of] humility [being neither arrogant nor self-righteous],

regard others as more important than yourselves.


 Philippians 2:3


I rejoiced in my heart when the Lord showed me this Scripture. All my sadness and pride vanished.

Since then I have stopped struggling. I have always regarded other Christians more important than myself. I now have the peace of God. As a result, I have stopped bothering about having the best seat, the best suit, the best car, or the best house in the city.

You will stop competing when you realize that other Christians are more important than yourself.

This is what should bother every Christian.

Instead of competing with one another, Christians should ask themselves this personal question:


How many souls have I led to Jesus Christ?




Prayer that blocks Satan.


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