God’s strange ways of training you.

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God's strange ways of training you.



By   Makko Musagara


God’s strange ways of training you.

Dear reader, God is training many Christians  for different types of ministry but they do not know it. In this article I show you some of the strange ways God used to prepare me for ministry.

A strange force hit my cup of tea.

Soon after I received Jesus  Christ as my Lord and Savior, God started to prepare me for ministry. One day  I felt his voice prompting me to start a fast. I was sure this was the voice of our Father in Heaven, but I was reluctant to fast. I thought I would start this fast two days later. I did not not know that my decision had displeased God. The following day during my breakfast, as I held my cup of hot tea, a  strange force came out of nowhere and shook my hand. As a result, the tea cup together with its contents fell on the floor. I remembered what God wanted me to do and I went into fasting immediately.

A pack of dogs fought near my residence.

Another time, at around midnight, the Lord woke me up to pray but I was so tired that  I just continued sleeping.  Less than five minutes into my sleep the Lord mobilized many dogs from my village. They all assembled near my residence and they started fighting one another. It was like a World War II of dogs. There was no way I could continue sleeping under such noise. I had to get out of bed for prayers. Strange enough the big fight stopped as soon as I started praying. Since then I quickly get out the bed as soon as the Lord wakes me up lest God brings back the pack of dogs.

God’s angel woke me up.

During my training, God had a lot of trouble waking me up for prayers. One time around midnight he woke me up  but I quickly went into bed again. This time I covered the whole of my head to prevent anyone from disturbing me. This time God sent an angel who pulled away the blanket and sheets covering my body. I quickly repented and went into deep prayer.

I knocked down a school girl.

One day during my early years of  Salvation I had an argument with my wife that resulted in an exchange of words. After this exchange I left for my place of work. As I drove near a busy junction a teenage schoolgirl who was crossing the road  got scared by an oncoming hooting heavy truck. As she ran backwards trying to avoid it, she ran into my car that knocked her down. Fortunately she only sustained a few bruises. She was only given pain killers at the hospital where I took her. From this experience the Lord trained me never to have arguments or hot exchanges with anyone, including my wife. The Lord revealed to me that hot exchange of words opens up doors for demons that may cause serious harm to the life of a Christian. Since then I have always avoided any exchange of words with my wife. When things go out of hand, I excuse myself and I go into into a nearby room for prayer.

A broken fast led to torment by demons.

One time I broke a fast before the number of days I had promised God. That night I was tormented by demons and nightmares until sunrise. The Lord told me that when a believer pledges to fast a specific number of days, it becomes a covenant between that person and God. When you break this covenant you open doors for demons to torment you.

Troubles of working on a Sunday.

On three occasions I had a lot of problems after doing other things in town instead of attending Sunday church services. From these experiences the Lord trained me always to honor Sundays as rest days and as days for church. When you work on a Sunday you open up a door for curses to torment you.



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