God’s voice saved me from robbers.

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Alt=God's voice saved me from robbers.
God’s voice saved me from robbers.




Makko Musagara



Dear reader, in this article I would like to show you an example of how God speaks to you to save you from dangerous situations.

Thieves entered my compound at night.

Before moving to my current residence, I lived in a less safe neighborhood. At the time this incident occurred, I had some construction going on at that place of residence. Unbeknownst to my family , one of the construction workers had duplicated the key to the padlock that locked the gate to our residence. This is the key that the thieves used to enter my residence while we were all sleeping at night.

Our Heavenly Father was in heaven watching.

I and all my family members were fast asleep when the robbers opened and entered my residence. What was left for them was to break and enter the interior of my house.

Dear reader, we have our Heavenly Father who does not sleep. . Listen to what the Bible says:


He who keeps you will not sleep;
4 truly, he who keeps Israel
he will not slumber or sleep.


Psalm 121:3-4


Our Heavenly Father took action.

The first thing God did was order his angel to wake me up. It is difficult to wake up someone who has barely slept an hour but this angel did it. I found myself waking up. I looked at my watch and it said 2:30 am.


Why did I wake up at this unusual hour?


I asked myself.

God put a thought in my mind.

Most of the time God does not speak to you with an audible voice. In my case, God spoke to me through the thought that he put in my mind. As I sat in my bed wondering why I had woken up, this thought came to mind. This voice said:


Let me check if my children are sleeping well.


I dressed up and walked to check our children’s room. I remember walking while singing a certain worship song and I found that the children slept well.

As I prepared to leave, God put another thought in my mind.

The voice of God said:


Let me check if the window of this room was closed properly.


The moment I pulled the curtain to check the window, I saw a person standing in the middle of our front yard! This person was one of the thieves! I quickly raised an alarm which woke up my entire family and caused these thieves to flee.

I also phoned the Police patrol who responded quickly. This is how our loving heavenly father saved me from these night robbers.


God’s voice saved me from robbers.


Prayer that blocks Satan.


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