Here is a sign of Satan’s presence

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Alt=Here is a sign of Satan's presence
Here is a sign of Satan’s presence




Makko  Musagara




Dear reader, some Christians may leave this world without ever seeing Satan with their physical eyes. Yet he wreaked havoc on their lives. Is there any way for a Christian to know if Satan is very close? This article shares with you a major sign of Satan’s presence very close to you.

A suggestion of evil.

Whenever you feel a suggestion to do evil, be sure that Satan is very close to you at that very moment. You may be walking in God’s ways and suddenly feel like doing something that is contrary to God’s instructions in the Bible.

What our Lord Jesus Christ felt.

Jesus may not have seen the devil with his own physical eyes. But during his temptation, he felt his thoughts prompting him to do the following:


He felt like using his authority to turn stones into bread.

Jesus felt like becoming the king of all the kingdoms in the world.

He longed to climb a high point in Jerusalem and fall with the hope that the angels of God would hold him in their hands.


Satan is very close to you when you experience the following suggestions:

Here are a few suggestions Satan uses when he is near you.


a) A suggestion to make you angry.

b) An idea that makes you proud.

c) Suggestions to fornicate.

d) A thought to watch pornography.

f) An idea suggesting lies.

g) A suggestion to steal.


How to fight back.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us a solution to the presence and suggestions of Satan. One day he got tired of these negative suggestions and rebuked the invisible Satan as follows:


Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have God’s concerns in mind, only human concerns.


Matthew 16:23


Whenever you feel these sinful suggestions, know that Satan is very close to you. Rebuke him and cast him out like Jesus did in the example above.




Prayer that blocks Satan.



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  1. Marcus Hurst

    Thank you for this post, Makko. It is exciting to find material about Satan’s presence that aligns with what I write about it in the book I am working on which covers that subject.
    Keep it up.

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