Here is the best investment for your child

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Alt=Here is the best investment for your child
Here is the best investment for your child.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, many parents strive to invest in the future of their children. These parents want to leave this world when they have invested enough for their children. In this article, I inform you that the best investment you can make for your child is in Heaven.

The best investment for your child.

Don’t waste time and energy making investments for your child on earth. Instead, start investing in Heaven. Our Heavenly Father will keep your investments safe and faithfully pass them on to your children and grandchildren.

I am sure God will do this transfer of wealth because it is written in the Bible that God’s mercy extends from generation to generation for those who fear him (Luke 1:50).

The risks of investing on earth.

The reason why you cannot trust investments for your child on earth is that there are so many destructive elements on earth. Many dictator presidents in Africa have stolen a lot of money from their countries and opened bank accounts in Europe for the comfort of their children.

Now their children cannot use this money because the accounts have been frozen. If these presidents had used these funds to invest in heaven, their children’s lives would have been different.

How to invest in Heaven.

Below I give you seven ways to invest in Heaven, but there are many more.

1. Build churches. Your children and grandchildren will never fail if you do this.
2. Support the ministers of God.
3. Invest in winning souls for Jesus Christ. Your children will never fail if you make this investment.
4. Invest in purchasing and distributing Bibles to communities who cannot afford them.
5. Help the needy and disadvantaged.
6. Purchase and provide free public address systems to support God’s work on earth.
7. Buy and donate land for God’s work on earth.



Here is the best investment for your child.


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