How a dead person speaks to the living

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Alt=How a dead person speaks to the living
How a dead person speaks to the living.




Makko Musagara




Dear reader, you may find it hard to believe what I am about to tell you, but this actually happened in the rural village of my childhood. In this village, we had a taxi driver who usually left very early in the morning and returned to join his family around 8:00 in the evening after the day’s work.

The taxi driver never returned home.

One evening, this taxi driver was late getting home but his dear wife decided to stay up waiting for him. At that time, cell phones had not yet been invented, so this woman had no way of communicating with her husband. Around midnight, she stopped waiting, thinking her husband’s taxi might have broken down. That night she went to bed a lonely and worried woman.

The strange dream.

This woman had barely slept for an hour when she had a strange dream. In this dream, she saw her husband  standing outside their bedroom window. Her husband was shivering from the cold of the night and his face was pale and sad.

Then her husband spoke to his wife thus:


My dear wife, you are sleeping but know that they have already killed me. Right now I’m here in a place with a lot of water and I’m very cold. Please bring a blanket to cover me.


Shortly after these words, the dream ended and this woman suddenly woke up very frightened! She could not go back to bed and she informed her neighbors of her husband’s disappearance.

Early the next day, a search was carried out and the taxi vehicle was found abandoned about 16 kilometers from our village. Later that day, the taxi driver’s body was found in a waterlogged swamp, not far from the abandoned vehicle.

Fortunately, the murderers were later identified and two of them were killed by an angry mob in our village. Before their death, they confessed that they had been hired by a certain rich man from our village who had been politically offended by this taxi driver.

In this story you can see that a dead man spoke indirectly to a living person!

The restless souls of the dead.

There are many restless souls of dead people like this man all around the world. These souls are trying their best to contact the living but they are finding it very difficult to communicate between the two worlds.

Prevent your soul from restlessness.

You can prevent your soul from being restless after leaving this world by committing your entire life to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Instead of moving from place to place, your soul will find  eternal rest and peace with Jesus Christ.



How a dead person speaks to the living.


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