How God protects innocent persons

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How God protects innocent persons
How God protects innocent persons



By  Makko Musagara



How God protects innocent persons.

Dear reader, do you feel innocent? If your answer is yes, then do not worry any more. God will protect you from any type of enemy attack, as you are about to see from the following testimonies.

My own escape.

I remember one time I was involved in a fierce land dispute. When my opponent realized he was loosing, he hired two assassins to take my life. One morning as I was walking along a road near my home, I saw two men in a vehicle parked near the road. Unknown to me, these were the two assassins. As I walked very near this car, I saw one of the men draw a gun to shoot me. But God is great. Something must have happened because the trigger system failed to work. I reached home safely. A few days later these two men made another daring attempt on my life. But again God protected me.

Then as I slept that night, God led me to hear what these two men were discussing in their private conversation. They talked for sometime about my death until one of them said:

Let us leave him. He is innocent.”

I never saw those assassins again. God sent his angel to divert their evil plans.

Daniel’s escape.

This man Daniel was honestly attending to his usual Government responsibilities. Unknown to him, his enemies falsely accused Daniel before the President of his country. For that reason a judgement against him was made in his absence (see Daniel 6:12). Then one morning he found himself being grabbed from his residence by a group of armed army men. They handcuffed Daniel and threw him into a cage of many lions that had been starved for some days.

Our Father in Heaven realized that this man Daniel was innocent. God sent an angel who calmed the lions, and shut their mouths. The lions did not harm this innocent man. God’s angels will foil all the evil plans your enemies have set up against you.


How God protects innocent persons
God’s angels will foil all the evil plans your enemies have set up against you.


What you have to do.

Dear reader, as long as you stay innocent in God’s sight, God’s angels will always protect you from all types of danger and enemy attack. What you have to do is to live a life of faith in God, prayer, and living according to God’s written word in the Bible.





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